SwapTales: Leon! Launches on iPad



SwapTales: Leon! Launches on iPad! 


Kids Control the Narrative in Shareable Adventure Gamebook


Game publisher Plug In Digital Label, indie game development studio Witty Wings and co-producer Shibuya Productions today launched SwapTales: Leon!, an adventure gamebook where kids can change the story by swapping words on the pages. The app is available for iOS for $4.99, and will be on Android in November.


A shareable adventure game 

In SwapTales: Leon!, players follow and control the adventures of Leon, a fearless boy who wants to grow up as fast as possible.     

An innovative twist 

This storybook game allows kids and their parents to swap words in the text to solve puzzles and change the story.  By swapping the words, users change the visuals on the page, thus discovering many combinations and creating funny word plays.

A crazy amount of possibilities 

SwapTales: Leon! features 62 interactive pages with up to 7 swappable words per page and 30 alternative endings to unravel – for more than 2500 combinations overall.   

A new way to tell stories 
“Our goal is to tell new stories through games.” said Charlotte Razon, creative director of Witty Wings. “By giving kids the power to swap words, they become engaged in the story, challenged by the puzzles and proud of their accomplishments in both reading and problem solving.”   
Designed to bring generations together, SwapTales: Leon! was developed to appeal to both parents and children. 

The game can be switched at any moment from one to two players, as users explore the many possibilities created by inverting words wisely and helping Leon on his adventure
“SwapTales: Leon! immediately showed us how it could turn an activity like reading into a truly entertaining interactive experience. We knew that would immediately resonate with both kids and parents,” said Francis Ingrand, Plug In Digital CEO
The iOS and Android app is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
http://d31hzlhk6di2h5.cloudfront.net/20161020/e7/0c/d0/cc/373c6412bb57e79ff2dedba1_600x358.png   http://d31hzlhk6di2h5.cloudfront.net/20161020/7d/2a/1f/c0/d8faf7d2f806f11268932fa1_600x358.png
A  M.A.G.I.C. game

SwapTales: Leon! won the MAGIC (Monaco Anime Game International Conferences) game creation contest, organised by Shibuya Productions, the company behind the long-awaited Shenmue III. SwapTales: Leon! was made possible thanks to this exceptional prize of 100 000 €, awarded by Eric Chahi (Another World), Alain Damasio (Author of The Windwalkers) and Oskar Guilbert (Life is Strange). 


The studio
Witty Wings is a French indie game studio focused on developing innovative games with meaning and a strong consistency between gameplay and story. Their goal is to expand the scope of game mechanics to tell new kind of stories through games and reach a wide audience. 

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