Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper

Live a great tale through this action adventure 2D platformer

Djaha’Rell is a child whose nights are regularly troubled by nightmares. In order to overcome his fears, his father tells him the story of Pankapu, the Dreamkeeper. The player is then invited to live the adventures of the tiny warrior through the eyes of Djaha'Rell.  Discovering the dreamlike world of Omnia, the player controls Pankapu, a tiny being created by the God of Dreams, Iketomi, in order to defeat the hordes of nightmare trying to invade his world.

  • Action / Platformer in 2D, told lika a tale
  • Two parallel stories between dreams and reality
  • Episodic game released chapter by chapter
  • 3 Aegis, acting like jobs. Switchable in real time
  • The Nebula System: a skill tree unlocking competences
  • Re-explore stages to find new weapons to equip
  • Poetic soundtrack composed by Ganaé and Hiroki Kikuta

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